buy Moose Take A Hike t-shirt

Moose Take A Hike t-shirt

Style: Guys
Size: Small - 3XL

Now you can wear this Moose Take A Hike t-shirt and go for a hike.

This shirt is just fun the light yellow color is nice and then there is the big image of the male moose on it with his big antlers. And where do you see moose? in the woods most likely and that is why on the shirt and partly on the animal it says “Take A Hike”.

So take a hike and maybe you are lucky to see a moose but don’t get to close because those antlers could hurt.

buy this Moose Take A Hike t-shirt
buy Merry Chrismoose T-Shirt

Merry Chrismoose T-Shirt

Style: Guys, Girls
Material: 100% cotton
Size: Small - 6XL
Color: Available in many colors

If you like the holiday season and moose then this t-shirt is perfect for you.

In black, you can find a moose on this t-shirt and in his antlers, there are Christmas lights just because it’s festive. Below the decorated moose it says “Merry Chrismoose”.

So this holiday t-shirt does not show Santa but just a big animals with cute lights and that makes this a great t-shirt to start the holidays with.

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