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Tie-Dye Pirate T-Shirt

Style: Kids
Material: 100% cotton
Size: 4 - 14

Now there is this cool Tie-Dye Pirate T-Shirt.

This kids t-shirt shows a black and red tie dye design in the background with some white in between the colors and then there is a big pirate skull on it that is wearing a bandana with skull and bones on it and there is some lightning in the background too.

What makes this t-shirt extra cool is that the skull on this shirt will glow in the dark and that means that even in the dark people can admire the cool skull that is put on your shirt.

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Kids T-Rex T-Shirt

Style: Kids
Material: 100% preshrunk heavyweight cotton
Size: 2 - 14
Extra: It glows in the dark

Now there is this extra cool Kids T-Rex T-Shirt.

This shirt may look black but there is lots of color on it because there are 4 different colors dinosaurs on it and on top of them it says T-Rex just like the creatures on the shirt and if that is all not cool enough then it is important to know that this shirt will glow in the dark.

So now your child can be wearing dinosaurs on their shirt that you can even see in the dark and that just has to be amazing to see for kids and adults.

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buy Skeleton Rib Cage Costume T-Shirt

Skeleton Rib Cage Costume T-Shirt

Style: Unisex
Material: 100% cotton
Size: Small - 3XL
Color: Black
Extra: Glows in the dark

If you are looking for a costume t-shirt that works in light and dark then this glow in the dark t-shirt is perfect for you.

The t-shirt is black and on the front you can see you rib cage skeleton and that is also the part that glows when it gets dark making it perfect for Halloween.

Just imagine wearing this when you go for a walk in the dark at night, people are gone freak.

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